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Introducing Spark 2™, the next evolution in the Spark™ product line. A mid-range board with quality audio and superb features all at a price that won’t break the bank. Taking both the integrated MaxAmp™ and 16bit, 22050Hz audio engine from Igniter 2™, this board that supports 3 fonts and simple color mixing from two die is sure to delight those wanting a great saber experience without having to pay top dollar.

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The following is a list of the most exciting features of Spark 2™.

  • MaxAmp™ and 16bit, 22050Hz audio from Igniter 2™.
  • 3 sound fonts.
  • Saber Tracks™, a music/wav player to play up to 99 songs and sounds.
  • DualMix™, now you can have a main blade that is not only one of the two colored die, but a mix as well!
  • Blaster Blocks and Clash/Lockup effects with each having a separate settable aux flash value.
  • Cross-Saber allows support for delayed ignition of secondary blades with no additional hardware!
  • Same great Swing/Slash and Clash recognition as on Igniter 2™.
  • 3 accent pads that can be sequenced per mode with one of the 16 pre-configured values.
  • 99 sounds per bank.
  • Can be configured to work with only one momentary button, with all features still accessible.
  • Runs on a single 3.7v battery for maximum space savings!
  • Board dimensions: 2.07”x0.85”x0.023”; 1.75”x0.85”x0.023” with the TruDrive removed.
Spark 2™
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